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Our service station network is growing – with one of our locations, we are sure to be near you.


We work with our own service every day to keep all locations available for you. You can find information on opening hours and availability on our overview map.

0,4858 €/kg TTF-Price

The Title Transfer Facility TTF is the benchmark for determining European gas prices. We give here as up to date as possible the price.


Our goal: to enable virtually climate-neutral transports with Bio-LNG. We are therefore continuously expanding the share of BIO-LNG!

CO2 savings/kg LNG

With every kg of bio-LNG we refuel, we reduce CO2 emissions.

We develop and operate a nationwide network of filling stations for alternative fuels to reduce emissions in the transportation sector.

LIQUIND locations

Already opened and planned locations can be found on our overview map:

Title Transfer Facility

Current TTF Price:
0,4080 €/kg

On our way to 100% 

Our BIO-LNG share was already 12% at the end of January

(Bio) LNG and (bio) CNG filling stations for Germany


Reducing emissions in the transport sector Since our establishment in Berlin Charlottenburg in 2015, our team has been building an extensive ...


The brand LIQUIND exists since 2015. Since then our team at the company’s headquarters in Berlin Charlottenburg has been building ...

Our (Bio-) LNG

The fuel LNG is already an economically as well as ecologically suitable alternative fuel for heavy-duty traffic. Bio-LNG enables the transport ...

Our (Bio-) CNG

The fuel CNG is already an economically and ecologically sensible alternative fuel in the private and transport traffic sector. Bio-CNG also ...

Title Transfer Facility (TTF)

The TTF price is based on a wholesale index called the Title Transfer Facility (TTF). This price is provisionally fixed at the end of the month for the respective following month by the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and can be seen on our website from this point on. The price may again fluctuate slightly in the course of the month. The final pump price for the customer consists of the TTF price, the energy tax and an individually agreed fixed price component.

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